Partners in climb is back!

RCF's annual crazy partner party & climbing challenge is back (and its better)!

EPISODE 3 - Saturday, January 27th, 2017


Check In: 6pm
Challenges and competition: 7pm-9pm
Awards & BYOB After Party to Follow

This is not your average climbing comp - this is a fun party with partner challenges to earn points.

Dress up in costume for extra points and a chance to win the Partners Fashion Show.


It's Episode 3, let's get spacey! Think David Bowie, the 80's space race, Deep space nine and the Cosmic Trilolgy!

$50 per partnership (2 people)

Throwback to the swing challenge of 2017! 

Throwback to the swing challenge of 2017! 

  • 35 all new top rope routes
  • 50 all new boulder problems
  • 2 partner problems (boulder problems for 2 people)
  • Speed climbing 
  • Partner slackline challenge
  • Partner costume fashion show

RULES: Teams will earn points by completing climbing routes and partner challenges in the allotted time. Extra points earned with good team spirit and Famous Duo costumes.

Will anybody beat the ninjas of 2017?!