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Improve your climbing and functional fitness with personal training by RCF Coach
and Certified Personal Trainer Michaela Hastings.



The Importance of Strength Training

When it comes to climbing, most people get into it because it’s an enjoyable activity that can keep you healthy. However, we tend to think that the way to get stronger is by only climbing.

If we only focus on climbing, we will hit a plateau.



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Why is Functional Training Important?

We train our muscles to work together instead of isolating them so we can use that muscle mass to our advantage on the wall.  

Creating new movement patterns can help us in climbing as it increases things like proprioception, balance, agility, and power, as well as making our joints more stable by training the muscle groups that don’t get a huge amount of attention such as chest or legs.

Functional training means that we train movements instead of muscles.



benefits of personal training “off the walls”

General Fitness

Power Training


Mobility Training

Weight Loss/Muscle Gain

Individualized Programming

General Fitness for Non-climbers


About Michaela Hastings

I have been personal training since 2010.  I am an ACE certified personal trainer as well as a Holistic Health Coach.  I have a degree in Health Promotion with a concentration in Wellness Management through Western Connecticut State University.  I am also a youth climbing coach here at Rock Climb Fairfield.