La Sportiva Solutions are in stock!

Rock Climb Fairfield are now stockists of the award winning La Sportiva Solution shoe! The choice shoe of worldwide hardcore sponsored climbers, Daniel Woods, Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell and the famous RCF setter Josh and TeamRCF Coach Chris!*

The heal is super fitted, the toe box super comfy yet incredibly powerful and poised, and the vacuum like sock fit is cracking! They are in the high end of shoe pricing but they are worth every cent.  RCF currently stocks the solution in EU sizes 35 - 43.5 (US 5 - 10), if you need a larger/smaller size we can order them for you and retail at $174.95.

For external reviews, Outdoor Gear lab have a very honest write up:

And to see what the makers themselves have to say:

*Whilst Josh and Chris are awesome, sadly aren't they sponsored!