Long Live Your Climbing Shoes

By Nora Maklad

Have you climbed through your shoes? Finally used up all that edge and all that rubber? Don't fret and don’t you dare toss your old reliable shoes away! Get them resoled and extend their life!

One of the biggest benefits of getting your shoes resoled is the level of customization you get. You can choose the rubber type (Stealth C4, Viabram XS etc), depth of rubber thickness as well as get any other repairs done (i.e. those broken straps or laces). 

The perfect time to send your shoes in is when the rubber of the edge of toes begins to form a small bump. It’s a better idea to get your shoes resoled before the rubber has completely worn through and a toe hole as blown though.

There are lots of shoe resole companies around the US. A quick google search can yield you lots of results. Our very own UK Chris prefers Plattsburgh Shoe Hospital based out of Plattsburgh, NY. New England ReSoul is another awesome company in the area. 

Prices for shoe resole and repair vary depending on the company, type of rubber thickness and repair work that a shoe needs but costs typically range from $35 to $55 for a pair. Check out their website for pricing and more details. 

It’s always a good idea to round up your group of climbing friends and send all your shoes to be resoled at once to save on the postage and shipping costs. Be sure to clean your shoes before you send them off to get resoled! No one likes getting a smelly package in the mail. 

Plattsburgh Shoe Hospital: http://www.plattsburghshoehospital.com/#!about-us

New England ReSoul: http://newenglandresoul.com/

For more information about resole basics, check out this cool article from NE ReSoul.

Curious what goes into a good resole? Check out this video.