New Bouldering Walls Coming to RCF (Video)

Update: April 20, 2019

Boulder Project Update

The RCF Boulder Project begins May 7!

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette and for us to build our exciting new bouldering terrain, we're first going to have to make a little mess. We promise it will be worth it! Our setters will maintain as much open bouldering through the project as possible in the crows nest area and topout boulder. Roped climbing will be minimally impacted.

Important Dates

May 7  |  Boulder Project Begins
We begin stripping walls, removing floor and demolishing existing terrain.

May 8  |  Discounted Bouldering Begins
Throughout construction boulder passes will be just $5

Late June  | New Bouldering Terrain Opens
The Kilter Board and new bouldering terrain will begin to open!

Approx July 1   |  Day Pass & Membership Price Increases
Active members enrolled before June 15 will not have their membership rate increased.
New pricing details coming soon.

Update: March 18, 2019

Coming summer 2019.
All new bouldering at Rock Climb Fairfield

We’re excited to announce a huge new project to rebuild nearly all of the bouldering areas at RCF. Starting mid-May, Rockwerx and RCF will begin building a whole new bouldering experience with adjustable training walls and expanded top out bouldering throughout the gym.

Check out the video tour of our new walls!


Walls designed and built by Rockwerx - Barr, Massachusetts.

+ All new 14'-16' bouldering walls by Rockwerx
+ Expanded top out terrain
+ Huge boulder cave w/ 26ft roof feature
+ Adjustable angle, app controlled KilterBoard
+ New and improved campus and training area
+ New chalk/air filtration system


RCF will remain open during the construction process with bouldering on the top out wall and crows nest areas.

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