Butora - Acro RCF review

The Acro - Get 'em while you can! 

If you haven’t heard of Butora before, it’s because they’re a fairly young company that manufactures their shoes in Korea. In fact, they’ve only been sold in the U.S. since August of 2015. What makes Butora so different is that they don’t categorize their shoes into men’s and women’s fit, but rather wide and narrow fits. The Acro is Butora’s high performance shoe, with a slipper styled last, a downturned fit and added toe leather that makes toe hooking a dream. For an aggressive-styled shoe, it is amazingly comfortable and really shines on overhung climbs, making sticking tiny toe pockets simple! The soft rubber makes them a great indoor shoe and this has shown with the shoe being consistently worn by youth climbers in the USA climbing competition circuit. Sizing for the Acro differs from other climbing shoe brands as the Acro fits pretty true to size; you should only need to downsize half a size as they don’t stretch much thanks to the rubber encasing and quality stitch work. 

For $154, you can get your feet in a pair of Acro’s and a one way ticket to Send Town, USA!

- Nora

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