Follow your Instincts!

Scrapa’s classic Instinct VS has finally arrived to RCF’s Pro Shop!

The high performance, aggressive slipper is a great “all around” shoe, although it’s fans give rave reviews on how well they hold up while trad climbing and bouldering, both indoors and out. Scarpa is known for it’s bi-tension fit, basically a reverse slingshot that helps pull power from a climber’s toe, rather than pushing the toes forward into the shoe. This makes the shoe lighter and sensitive. The Vibram XS-Edge rubber is prime for sticking the smallest of edges with much security and the added rubber on the heel will make you want to heel hook everything you possibly can.

Don’t worry about downsizing too much, it’s synthetic so it’ll maintain shape. Grab yourself a pair and see where it takes you. 

The Instincts are available in our pro shop for $169+tax. As always, RCF Member enjoy a 10% discount on all pro shop items. 

Take a look at Gear Institutes’s in depth review on the Instincts here: