Black Diamond Ultralight Camalot

Black Diamond Ultralight Camalots are now in stock at Rock Climb Fairfield!

On average Ultralights are 25% lighter across the C4 range, which means if you replaced your single C4 rack (sizes 0.4-4) with Ultralight's you'd save over 8.4 ounces!  This weight reduction favors larger cams (a #0.4 will save you around 22 grams, whereas a #4 will save just over 62 grams).

And, importantly to note, with the Camalot Ultralights, less weight does come with a reduction in overall strength at about 2 kN less per cam, as BD have achieved the weight reduction by replacing the steel core with a UV resistant plastic wrapped Dyneema core.

The BD Ultralight camalot size 1 as featured below retails for $89.95, remember all RCF members get a 10% discount in the pro shop! 



25% Lighter! 

25% Lighter!