It's a wild world out there..

RCF Trad Climbers, rejoice! Wild County’s Superlight Offset Rocks have finally arrived!

First off, these gems truly are super light. A set from size 5 to 10 only weighs 160 grams. If you’re looking to shed some weight and gain some speed, pick yourself up a set. While there is much to be gained from their weight, the strength rating of the Superlight’s is slighlty lower (1-2Kn) than those of traditional nuts. It is important to note that the strength of passive protection depends heavily on it’s placement by an experienced trad climber.

Although DMM’s chocks boast a thicker wire, Wild Country provides you with a wider range of sizes and offset features in multiple directions. Each Wild Country Superlight offset rock will run you $14.95 with tax. RCF members, come in and get 10% off with your member discount! 

- Nora