Meet the RCF staff


Management Team

Matthew Conroy
General Manager


Started at RCF: 2015
Certifications: AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, SOLO Wilderness First Responder,
CPR/AED, CWA Work at Height Certified (Qualified Person)
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Trad
Favorite Crag: Cannon Mountain, NH
Special Talent: Fixing what I break.
Other Interests: Kayaking, Woodworking
Best Thing About Climbing: Solitude




Kevin Wright
Wall Manager, Routesetter


Started at RCF: 2015
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Trad
Favorite Crag: The Gunks
Other Interests: Climbing, beer, pizza (not necessarily in that order)
Words to Live By: "Sport climbing is neither"

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Shannon Gallagher

Started at RCF: 2016
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Sport
Climbing Goals: 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, Jasper, AR
Favorite Quote: "I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched." - Edgar Allan Poe
Other interests: Photography, contemporary art, backpacking and hiking








Started at RCF: 2010
Certifications: AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor (Course Provider), SOLO Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED, USA Climbing Level 1 Routesetter, CWA Work at Height Certified (Qualified Person), NY Licensed Rock & Ice Climbing Guide
Favorite Local Crag: Ragged Mtn (CT), the Gunks (NY) or anything with a good view.
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Trad, Ice & Alpine
Words to Live By: “We climb because of the risk [and difficulty], not in spite of it.” - Royal Robbins
Interests: Kayaking, adaptive climbing, podcasts, singing in the car/shower
Volunteer Service: Paradox Sports (adaptive rock/ice climbing) and Ragged Mountain Foundation (access, conservation)


Nora Maklad
asst manager


Started at RCF: 2015
Favorite Crag: Red River Gorge, KY
Certifications: AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor, Wilderness First Aid & CPR
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Trad is rad, but I'm clipping bolts till I die.
Climbing Goals: Climb like Kevin.
Foreign Languages: Arabic, conversational French
Other Interests: Hiking, dodge-ball
Favorite Superhero: Batman (duh!)

Favorite Quote: "Anything less than the best is a felony."- Vanilla Ice
Best Thing About Climbing: Its as mental as it is physical

asst manager


Started at RCF: 2012
Favorite Climbing Area: Gunks
Climbing Goals: Develop the endurance to climb long overhangs
Favorite Quote: "Teamwork makes the dream work!"
Other Interests: Raising my son Eden
Favorite Superhero: Catwoman
Best Thing About Climbing: The community and the self discovery





Josh Vidal
Assistant Wall Manager, Routesetter

Started at RCF: 2013
Setter Name: "JV", yoshi
Favorite Crag: Red River Gorge, KY
Favorite Climbing Discipline: sport and bouldering
Hobbies: eating and swimming

owen staff photo.jpg

Owen Mcandrew

Started at RCF: 2014
Nickname: "O"
Favorite Crag: Red River Gorge, KY
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Sport
Climbing Goal: Climb El Capitan, Yosemite
Favorite Piece of Climbing Gear: GriGri 1
Favorite Quote: "Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots."


Andrew P Wetjen
Routesetter, COach

Started at RCF: 2017
Certifications: USAC Routesetter lvl 1
Favorite Crag: Half Way Log Dump
Favorite Quote: "This one speaks to said eat me" - Kevin (to meatball sub)
Hobbies: Board games, drawing
Favorite Superhero: Black Shadow -because he sticks to walls


Dave ESperanza
Routesetter, Coach

Started at RCF: 2011
Nickname: Esperanza or DS
Favorite Crag: The Red
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Sport
Other Interests: Dogs and travel

Instructors & Coaches


Henry Boyd

Started at RCF: 2013
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Sport Climbing
Favorite Crag: Rumney, NH
Other Interests: Musician
Special Talent: Can heel hook on anything, regardless of benefit.
Volunteer Service: Working a soup line


Jose Echegaray

Started at RCF: 2016
Nicknames: Josie
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Bouldering
Fluent Foreign Languages: Slang!
Favorite Superhero: No superheroes, only role models.
Hobbies: Photography and videography

Best Thing About Climbing: The opportunity to push yourself beyond what you once thought was impossible


Michaela Hastings

Started at RCF: 2017
Certifications: ACE certified personal trainer
Favorite Outdoor Crag: Joshua Tree
Future Climbing Goal: 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell
Best Thing About Climbing: Personal growth


James Zayan

Started at RCF: 2017
Hometown: Monroe, CT
Special Talent: Great knowledge of navigating the wilderness
Favorite Quote: "We are all dying already, why waste is settling for less?"
Favorite Crag: Anywhere in NY state
Favorite Thing About Climbing: The mental process that goes into completing a climb
Hobbies: Skiing and Hiking


Joshua Tilton

Started at RCF: 2014
Nickname: “JT”
Favorite Piece of Gear: Petzl GriGri
Favorite Quote: “Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that.” - Ron Swanson
Hobbies: Video games, football, basketball

Zachary Visser

Started at RCF: 2015
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Bouldering
Hobbies: Working on cars/motorcycles
Best Thing About Climbing: The pump
Favorite Quote: "They don't think it be like it is, but it do" - Oscar Gamble

Philip Gangnath

Nicknames: bubbles
Certifications: SOLO, Wilderness first responder, tactical boat handling, fire fighter 1, swift water rescue, marine patrol officer
Favorite Quote: "The outside of a mountain is good for the inside of a man"
Hobbies: Rugby and wood working
Best Thing About Climbing: Freedom of being out in nature



Started at RCF: 2015
Position at RCF: Instructor and youth coach.
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Trad
Certifications: AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor (w/lead)


Patrick L. Townsend

Started at RCF: 2016
Nicknames: Patty Cakes
Favorite Crag: Lincoln Woods, RI
Special Talent: I'm a trained magician
Hobbies: Archery, Frisbee and baking
Favorite Super Hero: The Flash, who wouldn't want to run faster than light
Best Thing About Climbing: When you find the perfect knee bar

Tara 2.0.jpg

Tara Velky

Started at RCF: 2017
Nickname: Twinkle Toes
Special Talent: Rapping along to 90's music and Hamilton
Favorite Quote: "If you are just safe about the choices you make, you don't grow"- Heath Ledger
Hobbies: Netflix and eating
Best Thing About Climbing: Surprising myself when I gain new strengths


EJ rimerman

Started at RCF: 2016
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Sport, Trad, and Ice
Hobbies: Whitewater kayaking
Best Thing About Climbing: The meditation
Certifications: SOLO Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED, CWM Wilderness First Aid, CRC Level 3 Swift-Water Rescue Technician, ACA Level 3 Kayak Instructor


Blake Cheney

Started at RCF: 2017
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Bouldering, Sport
Favorite Piece of Gear: My fingers
Hobbies: Stage managing
Best Thing About Climbing: Me sending it


Kate Scimeca

Started at RCF: 2014
Special Talent: Being little
Future Climbing Goal: Always get better
Other Interests: Hiking, going to the beach, friends


Andrew Visser

Started at RCF: 2016
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Special Talent: Impressions, vocals
Volunteer Service: Special Olympics
Interests: Hiking, weight lifting, making music
Best Thing About Climbing: The feeling of accomplishment


Samuel Alcosser

Started at RCF: 2017
Favorite Climbing Discipline: Bouldering
Hobbies: Coding
Best Thing About Climbing: It is the most fun way to exercise
Favorite Quote: "Do onto others as you want them to do onto you"