Technique Tune Up

Increasing strength is important but its no replacement for good climbing technique.

These hands-on workshops will help the beginner to intermediate climber improve their technical skills, movement and efficiency on the wall by breaking down bad habits and learning some new best practices.

Who is it for

Any climber in the 5.6-5.10 or VFun-V3 range that wants to improve their movement and efficiency.


Technique Tune up runs as a 2 session course on the following dates: 

Session #1. 3/15/2017 - Hand & Footwork
Session #2. 3/22/2017 - Movement & Body Position
7:30pm to 9pm


Nate McKenzie is an AMGA certified instructor and full time climbing guide at Ascent Climbing.


$49 members
Includes both sessions, please plan to attend both sessions

$69 non members
Includes both sessions & day pass