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RCF - USA Climbing Bouldering Local Competition

This years RCF Bouldering local will be a Redpoint* format competition, with youth categories split into am and pm sessions, giving your youth competitor more time to complete as many Boulders as they can. 

Youth C/D will climb in the am session and Youth B/A/Jnr in the pm session. Please note if you have climber siblings who require to compete in the same session, please sign up both to compete in the am session. The Boulders will be modified in the interval to fit the size of the older pm session climbers.

  • Check In am session: 8am
  • am session competition: 9am-12pm
  • Check in pm session: 12pm
  • pm session competition: 1pm-4pm
  • Awards for both am & pm climbers: 4:30pm

Cost: $45 + USA Climbing day pass $10 (non USAC members) unless you are already a USA climbing member.

USAC membership can be purchased at http://usaclimbing.org

Unsure of what USAC Age category your youth climber is?

Youth D - Birth year 2007 and younger (am)
Youth C - Birth year 2006, 2005 (am)
Youth B - Birth year 2004, 2003 (pm)
Youth A - Birth year 2002, 2001 (pm)
Junior - Birth year 2000, 1999 (pm)

Please note the competition time frame will be enforced, stacks will NOT be finished, climbers will be called off the wall at the end of each session. 



We need your help to help run this awesome event! If you are interested in volunteering we would appreciate your help, all volunteers will be awarded with day passes, memberships, RCF Swag and coffee! 

Volunteers will be given training on the day and their will be RCF Staff and coaches on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have. 


*Redpoint - a competition format where each climber may attempt any climb as many times as they wish, within the allocated competition time frame. 

Have a question? - Please email Chris@rockclimbfairfield.com