First Visit

Beginner Climbers

Hello and welcome to RCF!

We recommend all first time climbers hire an instructor (belayer) and let one of our staff hold the ropes for you, allowing you to enjoy your first time here!

Hire A belayer

Let our certified climbing instructors introduce you to the sport of indoor rock climbing. This 1 hour session is ideal for kids, families and first time climbers of nearly any age or ability.

$25 per instructor, per hour. We recommend a ration of one belayer to every four climbers

All climbers wishing to hire a belayer must purchase a day pass and appropriate rental equipment or hold a valid RCF membership in addition to the belayer fee.

Open Climb

Any climber age 6+ is welcome to join us for a small group climbing session called open climb. $25 covers everything you need for 1.5 hour of facilitated climbing with our instructors

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 5pm-6:30pm
Sunday | 10am-11:30am

$25ea climber, equipment included.
Space is limited to 12 climbers per session. Online reservation strongly encouraged.

Belay Certification Course

Learning to belay is the first step to using our climbing gym without staff. During the hour and half course, you'll learn all the belay skills, knots and equipment you need to use our top rope climbing walls.

Day pass and climbing equipment rental included with course

$45 per person / Free for members!

auto belays

We have 10 True Blue Autobelays at Rock Climb Fairfield, these are great training aids and fun! Ask at the front desk how to use them. 

Experienced Climbers

Already know how to belay? Great! You can purchase a day pass or membership for unlimited access to our top rope, lead climbing and bouldering terrain.

Belay Test

Show us that you know how to use the equipment properly, tie a figure 8 knot and can belay properly without assistance and you're certified! Ages 13+ and totally free.

Belay tests are bookable by calling RCF - 203 416 5500

Belay Refresher $20 

Need a refresher on your belay? A short belay class is available for experienced climbers that just need a little help remembering the skills.

Belay refreshers are bookable by calling RCF - 203 416 5500

Day Pass

All climbers who are non-members require a day pass (or personal belay booking), these are purchased at the front desk. Equipment rental is available. 


All visitors must complete our waiver form. Save a few minutes at the gym by completing our online waiver before your visit.